What is Odoo?

Great question! Essentially, Odoo is an open-source Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that allows developers such as us to customise the system to fit the customer's needs.

However, the real beauty of Odoo is that it can be as all-encompassing or minimal as you need, it is fully-integrated and simple to use. With straight-forward usability and an intuitive system, tasks and processes that once seemed unmanageable in a time frame or simply a chore can be achieved. Whatever industry you sit in, Odoo can shape the way you 'do business' to increase productivity and streamline your processes. 

This is because Odoo isn't aimed at a particular market. Instead, it's an all-rounder, a good egg that gets on with everybody if you will. It can do as little or as much as you require and is entirely designed around making your working life as optimal, efficient and functional as possible.

Highly Customisable

Whether you get the 'out-of-the-box' Odoo that is packed full of useful applications or choose to customise to fit your business needs exactly. Odoo can streamline processes and workflows involving accounting, invoicing, e-commerce and warehouse management. As well as CRM, manufacturing, project and inventory management. The list goes on! And if by chance you are in need of something even more personalised to your business needs? It's likely a third-party developed, such as the brilliant team here at Glodo, has already created something for this. We can advise you on your choice from the 24,000 and counting apps available on the
Odoo App store

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Better Workflow

Odoo brings many different business-related applications that a business may need to operate into one wonderful place, allowing them to seamlessly link with each other. This saves time by completely removing the need to re-enter the same information in several different places and reduces the risk of data entry errors. Odoo adapts to your business setup as opposed to your business having to do the legwork, slotting your workflows into its system and enhancing the way you operate.