How Odoo worked for TC

And it can work for your business too. Here's how...

We're here to give you a peek into the world of Glodo and explain how Odoo can do wonders for your business in any number of ways. What better way to demonstrate our worth than showing off the real deal? Introducing our very first Glodo customer, TC, as our shining example. We pride ourselves on our open and honest approach and this will be no exception.

Whether you are familiar with Odoo and the Glodo team already or you're looking to find out more about the benefits your business can reap from rolling with Odoo, this should provide insight and a real-life example of what you could be in for.

How it begun

Glodo has long had a great relationship with TC, a furniture and data company, through being customers at our sister company, Glo, for over 17 years. TC had been in the market for a fully-fledged and reliable ERP system after using a limited close-source-program that just didn't perform to the standard of their business needs. After using another Odoo provider for a short time and not getting a flexible service, TC looked to us for their Odoo needs. Especially as they already knew they could trust us with providing stellar IT services in a friendly manner. Spoiler alert - our Glodo approach is very much the same.

We immediately set about ensuring we had the right tools to get the most from the Odoo ERP system for TC, immersing ourselves in the world of Odoo and becoming an Odoo partner. While TC had a backlog of modifications and needs that had been previously unaddressed, we were soon able to start ticking off their wish list and bring the Odoo ERP system into its own. We continue to work through their ongoing needs and develop the system in line with their own business developments. Since working together, we have already achieved a great deal and transformed the widespread processes throughout the business, yet there are so many more exciting features we can make use of to enhance the TC structure. Watch this space!

What we've achieved with Odoo

We've conquered countless goals and consistently enhanced the way Odoo and TC collaborate, let's dive into some of the major wins since we all joined forces.

A huge factor that has changed the way TC 'does business' is introducing the automation of new orders through both formal and informal EDI. This was high on the wish list for TC and rightly so, since implementing this feature there has been a dramatic improvement in the time taken to process new orders. Removing the need for manual inputting of the data and lessening the time taken for communication has meant faster order times. As expected, this has had a positive knock-on effect throughout the chain in terms of time and money saved. This is when happy dances and fist bumps ensued. Probably. We like to imagine.

Next, we looked at assisted decision-making. Having multiple warehouses across the country can be a logistic challenge for any business, TC was thankful when Odoo was able to make informed decisions around stock levels for them. Odoo can register stock from one warehouse and allocate it to another to respond to an order, acting resourcefully and saving costs through reduced waste. It is also able to set alerts on stock levels that are running low and will raise a draft restock purchase that suggests a particular order size based on your historic orders.

Not stopping there, valuable time has been saved on boarding new suppliers and customers. Odoo reaches out to the internet to provide informed suggestions when a TC team member is creating new accounts.

One of our latest wins has been thanks to Odoo's ability to process a digital queue. If, for example, a warehouse doesn't have a particular item in stock but there is a container ship arriving soon with them in, the system introduced means that customers can pre-reserve items in anticipation of their arrival. This digital queue prevents new orders from 'stealing' the wanted items as soon as they arrive in the warehouse from customers already waiting.

In other words, it's a well-oiled system with some seriously fancy features to make your working day a whole lot easier.

When Glodo met Odoo

Odoo has really opened our eyes to the versatility of ERP and MRP systems. With our technical knowhow and a system that is as comprehensive and adaptable as Odoo, we can provide an all-singing-all-dancing solution to businesses that can fit their needs to a T(C). Glodo is based on improving how businesses operate, simplifying processes through an intelligent system that does the leg work, and making each working day more streamlined for your task force. This could be your business too.

Odoo for your business

Any questions? Let's chat about how this could work for your how you could be getting more out of your existing Odoo system.

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Hungry for more? Straight from the horse's mouth, TC write to tell our lucky readers about their experience of Odoo and working with the Glodo team. Let's go!