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Hello, fellow-Odoo-users. I'm Alex from TC,

We've long been acquainted with the wonderful team at Glodo, knowing them through their sister company Glo that provides IT services and support.

First looking to Odoo for our ERP solution, we recognised it had enormous potential and envisaged the positive impact it could have on our business. We had experienced teething issues with a previous Odoo provider and were relieved when Glodo took the reins and set about ticking off our to-do list. We are currently on version 12 of Odoo and we will be updating to a newer version as soon as we can to improve the speed of the system. However, in its current state Odoo has been a key component in facilitating up to 1800 orders a day and allowing us to grow the business.


We've gained more customers as a result of our increased productivity thanks to Odoo and have seen our customer base widen impressively, even more so during lockdown. Through lockdown we saw a difference in what our orders looked like, going from bulk deliveries of office furniture to wholesalers to multiple deliveries on an individual basis to those working from home. Within a matter of weeks, the buyer demand had completely flipped and luckily for us, we were far enough along the digital process to react fast. Despite the sudden change of focus for us, we were able to continue to process orders quickly and efficiently via the Odoo system. In fact, we were able to increase the orders we were able to process and do so in vastly less time. Hurray! We know weathering lockdown is not a luxury that many businesses have been able to endure, so we feel incredibly grateful that the way that TC is structured and the processes and workflows that are in place have put us in good stead.

Not only have the Glodo team undertaken the technical support work of implementing Odoo and customising the system to fit our needs, but they have also given us the tools to operate Odoo ourselves by providing Odoo-training for our IT team. It has empowered our team to be self-sufficient in the running of Odoo while being able to turn to Glodo for a range of technical customisations that are outside of our remit.

In a fast-paced industry, we are always looking to progress to stay ahead of the curve. Our needs and what we hope to get out of Odoo is continuously developing and changing. Glodo has worked with us to meet these needs and tackle hurdles as they have cropped up. What we enjoy about working with the Glodo team is that they understand who we are and where our priorities lie and getting the job done to the best of their ability is paramount to them.

Thank you to the Glodo team for your work so far. We are looking forward to seeing what we can achieve next.

Thanks to TC for taking the time to share their experience with us. Perhaps you've shared some of the issues that they have had along the way or you are after a way to make your workflows more efficient. It's your lucky day, you've come to the right people.

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