Who are we?

Glodo is a UK consultancy that enables businesses to implement ERP and MRP services using Odoo as the core system.

We can help you use Odoo as a simple CRM to help you track your customer interaction or we can –

  • Enable it to receive 1000s of orders a day via various EDI services
  • Process live orders from its web interface
  • Manage stock, manufacturing and accounting processes
  • All while provided a full set of tools for every member of your team.

Our sister company Glo can provide the IT infrastructure and support services to run Odoo for any sized business.

Should you wish to discuss any of this please contact us.

Meet the Team

Company team

Chris, Managing Director

As the face of Glodo (and the sister Company Glo), Chris thrives in the world of networking and enjoys getting to know others. He loves to see people progress and uses his business knowhow to help others where he can.

Going at a hundred miles per hour, Chris makes the most of every spare minute by spending time with family and friends and getting his fitness fix. If you can catch him, you'll find Chris at pilates, jogging or swimming as he continues his mission to live a healthier lifestyle. 

Company team

Karl, Technical Lead/Developer

Karl takes satisfaction in the task of solving 'unfixable' problems by day and unwinds by gaming and programming by night. If he isn't in front of his screen, he's got his nose in the pages of a sci-fi book and discovering the world of fantasy and space opera.

Away from IT, his next best domain is the garden. Surprising, as he hates the sun and seeks shade at any chance. Quite the handyman, Karl approaches his DIY'ing with the same tenacity he does his computer. He says all that garden activity manages to keep the Apple Watch monster happy too. Bonus! 

Company team

Elliott, Developer

Meet Elliott: a gamer, YouTuber, Twitch-streamer, qualified accountant, ordained minister and fluent in Spanish, as well as being an IT wizard. Is there anything he can't do? We have yet to find out!

Having lived in Spain for ten years with his wife, kid and cat, his fellow-Glo'ers are often envious of his sunny office space. However, it's not all sunshine and roses, as Elliott is a lactose-intolerant-icecream-lover. What an injustice! 

Company team

David, Project Manager

David is a busy bee, between looking after his children and working his IT magic, he's on a mission to complete a garden office that he started during the lockdown. We can't wait to see what he turns his hand to next!

After a colourful and eclectic trip, India won David's heart as his favourite place in the entire world. The delectable mix of crazy driving, friendly people and vibrant culture was just the cocktail that David ordered and he recommends that everyone experience at least once. 

Company team

Matt, Developer

Having moved to the UK from Poland when he was just 13, Matt enjoys exploring funky locations outside the city where he lives and hiking to catch amazing views. If he's not on foot, he's on wheels. A fan of motorsport and an all-round 'petrolhead', Matt likes to go out for starry night time drives. Another of Matt's fascinations is mechanical keyboards, often custom-made by his talented wife.

Good luck to those who face him in a game of Counter-Strike, and any other competitive game for that matter. He's a worthy opponent! You have been warned. 

Company team

Holly, Marketing Manager

With the beauty of remote working, Holly splits her time between the UK and France, with the Pyrenees being her most permanent playground. Having summited Kilimanjaro for the new year, she now gets her mountain fix roaming in the Pyrenees peaks.

When she's not trekking, tap-dancing or exploring her surroundings, Holly is likely to have Beyonce on full blast and planning her next fancy dress party. Top tip from us - if you ever need to win this lady over, chocolate will have it in the bag!

Company team

Nicola, Admin Assistant

Our office hero, Nic keeps Glodo's ducks in order from her wonderful base in Wales. After a day at Glodo, Nic likes to let her hair down to Queen and Freddie Mercury. Who can blame her?

Get ready to pass the popcorn, Nic is also a self-confessed cinema-junkie with her three girls, two of whom are twins. Just leave the yoghurt at home as Nic can't STAND it. If you play your cards right, you may be lucky enough to receive one of Nic's carefully-crafted homemade cards and we can vouch - they are awesome!