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If you're looking to enhance your business through ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) or MRP (Material Requirements Planning) services you've come to the right place.

Glodo was born to meet a demand from clients looking for an Odoo provider. We recognised this and with the force of our experienced and talented tech team, soon began providing support to use the Odoo system to its full potential. In fact, we were the first UK Odoo partner to gain the 14.0 certification, with three team members 14.0 certified. This means when you come on board with us, you'll be getting Odoo-les of experience (we couldn't resist) and can feel reassured with a reliable service.

With the power of Odoo, elevate your business through improved workflows and processes all in one handy, customisable and smart system. Glodo enables businesses to get the most out of Odoo by guiding the implementation process and providing support and service along the way. Whether you're after a straightforward CRM to simply help you track your customer interaction or you want a sophisticated system to receive thousands of orders, manage stock and manufacturing processes, and provide a full set of tools to equip your team, Odoo has it covered.

Our sister company Glo Networks can provide the IT infrastructure and support services to run Odoo for any sized business. We'd love to chat with you and help maximise your business potential. Get in touch.

What your Odoo journey could look like

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Let us know what you're looking to achieve and we can help you reach the goalposts. Automate workflows? Increase order capacity? Consider it done!

Introduce Odoo to your business

The Glodo team can implement Odoo into your business, the idea being that Odoo moulds to your setup and not the other way around.

Recognise the potential

With thousands of features to choose from and us on hand to customise Odoo to your needs, the world is your oyster. Prepare for your goals to be conquered!

Grow your business

With processes streamlined, data and reports automated and productivity and efficiency on the up, your business can reach its full potential.


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